Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sami Concert: Joik (Nordic Cool)

I met Larissa, Ivan, and their friend Susan at the Kennedy Center to enjoy some more Nordic Cool.

Before Susan arrived, I showed Larissa and Ivan the four Nordic houses. Here they are in front of the most beautiful of the four: the Norwegian house.

Then we met Susan and went to the KC Cafe for refreshments.

              In the KC Cafe

 Then we went to the fascinating Joik concert on the Millennium Stage. It was very well attended with people standing in the back and sitting on the steps. I invited my Siberian friends because I think their native music is similar to Joik and American Indian music. They agreed!

Here is some information on Wimme, the Sami joik singer we heard. He is very impressive!


Sami joik singer Wimme Saari's music has been described as “shamanistic chant meets modern soundscapes.” Joik has certain elements in common with Native American music, most importantly a reverence for the earth and the elements. Wimme combines traditional joik elements with original improvisations.

The Millennium Stage - free performances every single day of the year!

Ivan, Larissa, and Susan

 Ivan, Larissa, Susan, and Christine

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