Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lunch in Early America

Andrea, Arthur, and I had an interesting dining experience today. We went to Clyde's Willow Creek Farm for lunch. This restaurant was created by joining four farmsteads. Here are some views within the vast space of this delightful place. There were many dining rooms and numerous exhibits.

The primary entrance

 Arthur and Pitcher Display

 Pima and Arthur at Table

My Lunch: American Farmhouse Cheese Sampler
It consisted of  housemade pear butter and pecan raisin bread and
Bay Blue Easton, MD - cave aged raw cow's milk blue cheese
Equinox Londonberry, VT - cave aged cow's milk cheese
Mountaineer  Galax, VA - cave aged alpine style cow's milk cheese
Talcot Goshen, NY - cave aged semi-soft raw cow's milk cheese

One of the many dining rooms

Filtered Water 

 Display of Pewter-ware

 Lovely Antique Pie Cupboard

Arthur and Horse

                       Pima and Horse & Buggy

Artistic Arthur in pose 
(please note sketching pencils in pocket)

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