Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Visit to Rhode Island

My old friend (since first grade) John kept inviting me to visit him in Providence and I finally made it! My friend George accompanied me. We had a great time. John was a superb host and tour guide.

We stayed at the B & B of John's friend Annie. It was a lovely place.

The Annie Brownell House


There was a lot of interesting architecture in Providence. Below you will see some examples.

Roger Williams founded the first Baptist Church in America.

We visited the museum of the Rhode Island School of Design. It is considered the second best university museum in the U.S.  (Harvard is first and the U of Mich is third.)

Below you will see some of the objects in the Decorative Arts section.

  A German glass commemorating the first year of World War I

Chris seated in front of a Rothko painting 

God bless the corners of this house 
And be the lintel blest - 
And bless the hearth and bless the board 
And bless each place of rest -
And bless the crystal windowpane that lets the
sunlight in
And bless each door that opens wide, to stranger as
to kin.
Always good friends, John and Chris 

Generous George treats us at an Italian restaurant in Providence 

Heading to Newport via Wickford



A stone in the graveyard of the church that I could relate to

What was the significance of this wooden heart and the piece of cloth above the stone?

 The Atlantic Ocean

 One of the Mansions (also known as Cottages) - The Breakers

We walked along the Cliff Walk.


 Back in Providence - The Last Morning

I was very happy to meet Rosanna Orfield Cavaghan and two of her children for breakfast at the Newport Creamery.

          Rose, Antonia, and Joey

Chris (photo taken by Joey) 

Joey, Antonia, and Rose

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dinner and No Movie

Betsy and I were eager to see the new Italian film, "La Stoffa dei Sogni," at the 2017 DC Film Fest. We got our tickets and met for dinner at P.F. Chiang's before the show. 


My delicious salad

We then went to the theater. We waited in line for quite a while, well past the movie start time. Then we were let inside the theater and waited some more. Finally, we were sent away because the film was just not working. Disappointed!

But I had a huge stroke of luck! My Norwegian friend Liliane was a Filmfest volunteer and was responsible for the director of the film! I won't give you all of the details but he wanted to meet me so I met him at his hotel the next day for coffee. Very exciting!

Gianfranco and Chris

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cousins' Visit

My cousin Justine came from OK for a visit with her husband and two children. We spent a wonderful afternoon and evening together.

We met at GW where they got some delicious lunch food from food trucks on the campus. (I had already eaten at the SOTE luncheon meeting.) Then I gave them a tour of the campus including a quick visit to the Textile Museum.

Then Alden expressed a desire to go to the Freer Gallery for the Japanese exhibit. We jumped on the Metro and were at the museum in less than 20 minutes. (It helps to know exactly where you are going!)

[Include photos of exhibit]

Then we went for dinner to Teaism near the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro station. Beloware some photos from dinner.

                        Justine                                                     Alan

                                             Lily                               My dinner - beet and goat cheese salad

[More photos to be uploaded when I find them!]

Sunday, April 16, 2017

La Pasqua

We had Easter dinner at my house this year for the first time in many years. I think I met the challenge fairly well! The photos are not great but they give you an idea of the table and the people.
I used May's lovely tablecloth, a gift from France.

Aunt Kate and Christian 

Christian, Current US Meloni Family Patriarch Marcello, and Colin

Michelle and Sylvia eluded the photographer but they were present for the Easter dinner.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Black Fashion

I visited this wonderful exhibit at GW's Textile Museum three times - alone, with Sister Kate, and with Cousin Justine and family.

The exhibit consisted of 50 Years of Fashion from Ebony magazine. It was quite fascinating. Here are a few examples of the dresses on display.