Friday, April 21, 2017

Cousins' Visit

My cousin Justine came from OK for a visit with her husband and two children. We spent a wonderful afternoon and evening together.

We met at GW where they got some delicious lunch food from food trucks on the campus. (I had already eaten at the SOTE luncheon meeting.) Then I gave them a tour of the campus including a quick visit to the Textile Museum.

Then Alden expressed a desire to go to the Freer Gallery for the Japanese exhibit. We jumped on the Metro and were at the museum in less than 20 minutes. (It helps to know exactly where you are going!)

[Include photos of exhibit]

Then we went for dinner to Teaism near the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro station. Beloware some photos from dinner.

                        Justine                                                     Alan

                                             Lily                               My dinner - beet and goat cheese salad

[More photos to be uploaded when I find them!]

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