Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Museum Hopping with Mary

I met my friend Mary at the Hirshhorn this morning. We wanted to check out the remodeled first floor of the museum. We liked it, especially its cafe and comfortable places to sit.

The cafe is called Dolcezza at the Hirshhorn. You can find coffee and the popular Dolcezza gelato here.

You can listen to a video in which Hiroshi Sugimoto, the designer of the new environment, explains his plan. His tables and chairs are circular and therefore fit in nicely with the building's cylindrical shape.

I forgot to take a photo of Mary, unfortunately.

After the Hirshhorn, we walked down to the National Museum of the American Indian and had lunch. I had my usual Wild Rice Salad. Yes, I am a Minnesotan at times and long for wild rice!

On the way home I stopped at GW - a visit to the library and a stop at Starbuck's.

 My view of the Academic Center, site of my former office, from Starbuck's
My table at the Gelman Library's Starbuck's 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Discussing Less

Janet, Liz, Chas, Rosemary, Indra, Bill, Ginnie, Judy, Christine 
(not included in the photo two friends of Christine, Marie and the photographer Linda)

Our May selection was Andrew Sean Greer's Less, winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. We met at Judy's home, our usual summer location, with many bringing delicious goodies to eat. 

Andrew's father, Bill, was our special guest. We had a very enthusiastic discussion, interspersed throughout with questions directed at Bill about his son. The opinion of the book was favorable with high praise in particular for Andrew's impressive use of language. Many clever descriptions were noted as well as clever allusions to works of literature and of art. His attention to detail was considered masterful. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Parade and A Picnic

The Norwegian organizations in the nation's capital came together to celebrate Norway's Constitution Day (Syttende Mai) in Carderock Park in Maryland.

Bill and I marching in the parade

Kathy and I as Lakselaget Hospitality greeters

Andrea always enjoyed this special occasion. Here he is proudly marching with the Norwegian flag in 2014. One of his buttons reads, "Norwegian by Marriage."

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Trip to Philly

Marcello drove me and his sons to Philly to visit my sister Kate.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More Farewells

Indra, Judy, and I took May to lunch at her favorite place, Eleni's. Everyone had the BLT Salad (with meat) except me and I had a Feta cheese, spinach, black olive omelette).

 Judy, Indra, Chris, and May

We shared a delicious Greek dessert! It was definitely enough for four people!!

Sunday, May 13, 2018


May invited me to join her at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church for a concert of the Navy Sea Chanters. They were amazing! Chas, Rosemary, and Diane O were there as well.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May Farewell

Our dear friend May will be leaving soon to begin a new and exciting chapter in her life in Tennessee. We had a party for her tonight.

The charming host was John O and we enjoyed his gracious hospitality in his lovely home. He served tasty Dubliner cheddar cheese and pretzel crackers and various drinks. Janet provided the main dish, delicious manicotti. May supplied a wide variety of Mideastern delicacies including birds' nests. Christine made a party jello salad (lime jello with cottage cheese, cool whip, and pineapple juice). Rosemarie made a scrumptious flan for dessert.

 John Q,  May, Rosemarie

John, Chas


                                                                                                                                                             Christine and Janet


After dinner we repaired into the living room for "speeches," music, and scintillating and amusing conversation.

Rosemarie and Chas


John and May

John presented May with a going-away card signed by those present. He included a photo that served as the prelude for the Shutterfly photo book that she will receive in the near future.
Christine expressed her appreciation to our host with a set of six coasters, each with a reproduction of a Van Gogh painting (including "Starry Night"). John Q performed on his guitar an original song he had written for May, using the tune from the hit Broadway musical  "Auntie Mame."

Guitarist John Q

Christian 16 and Mother

[I took several photos, I can see them on my phone, but they do not appear in my google account. Will work on finding them tomorrow and post them here.]

We first celebrated Mother's Day with a lovely lunch at House of Dynasty. Thank you, Marcello!


Marcello also gave me a beautiful gardenia plant that I will nurture with great care. It also came with an impact pin.

We then came back to the house and had chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream.


Marcello and Christian also managed to fit in some work. They set up my gazebo and the Roku connection on my TV.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day spent happily with two of my very favorite men, Marcello and Christian. Unfortunately, Colin was under the weather and was unable to join us.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Today I met my two GW friends at the National Gallery of Art to see the exhibit of Cezanne Portraits followed by lunch in the museum's Cafe.

George (l) and Liz (r)

We are standing in front of the Cezanne shop. We all liked the portrait of the young Italian model in the background. It was nice having Liz join us, not only because of her sparkling personality but also because she is an art historian and always has interesting insights to share.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Nancy on stage

I had a wonderful afternoon with Patricia and Susan. We went to the Vienna Community Center to see their very talented sister Nancy star in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. It was an excellent production.


Note Nancy who starred as the medium, Madame Arcati, on the program above.

 Before the performance I snapped a photo of Patricia (l) and Susan (r) in front of the children's statue. Then a kind theater-goer snapped a photo of the three of us with me in the middle. (It was very windy. It was not my new hair style.)

 The stage setting

 With Nancy after the performance (Susan, Nancy, Patricia)

 Nancy's car - Can you guess her political persuasion? Yes!!! Go, Nancy!
(In case you didn't understand the numbers, they mean Deep Six President #45.)

On the way home Susan plied us with delicious bars of Godiva chocolate!

Greek Lunch with John and May

After church, we went to Eleni's for brunch. We all ordered omelettes and had a very nice time together.

 Christine and May

John O

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Fantastic Book!

The Sons of Norway Washington Lodge met last night to discuss The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas. The event was well attended and the discussion was stimulating. The book certainly provoked a flurry of ideas of all kinds!

Jolene, Ingrid, Elizabeth, Joel, Ruth, Christine, Lynn, Julie, Marie, Richard
 (Missing: Linda and the photographer John Olsen) 

Delicious cupcakes by Marie and other treats 
for the farewell party for our faithful member Julie who is leaving us

A wonderful photo of Julie seemingly pleased while looking through the Reading Circle History that we presented to her so that she wouldn't forget her happy memories with the fabulous Reading Circle

Monday, April 23, 2018

An exhibit to remember

Marie, May, John, and I went to the Renwick Gallery to see the Burning Man exhibit. More text and photos will be posted soon. Stay tuned!



Friday, April 20, 2018

Public Art in DC

Everyone is talking about "The Burning Man" exhibit at the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery. Not all of the exhibit is inside the museum, however. Six outdoor pieces can be found within a 5-block radius of the museum. I saw 4 of the 6 this afternoon. (The explanations of the various works come from the brochure available at each one of the sites.)

(1) Future's Past (southeast corner of Penn and I Street NW)


This one is entitled "Future's Past" and the artist is Kate Raudenbush. It is a 23-foot-tall-laser-cut steel sculpture, a monument to technological progress, according to the artist.  It shows an ancient Bodhi tree growing out of a black pyramid. Inside the temple, an hourglass symbolizes the collapse our reliance on technology might ultimately cause.

(2) Ursa Major (19th Street NW between I and K Streets)

 The artists are Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson. It is a 14-foot grizzly bear whose sparkling fur is made out of 170,000 pennies.

In the photos below you can see the pennies more clearly. It is really remarkable when you get close and see how the pennies are arranged to create this magnificent bear.


(3) XOXO (NW corner of 18th and I Streets NW)

Artist Laura Kimpton with Jeff Schomberg. The steel sculpture, a love letter to Black Rock Desert,  twinkles with LED lights. The artist uses simple words in her work that have multiple connotations and meanings you can draw from them. Visually stunning but they also make us stop and think. (Atkinson)



You must go up close to see the tiny bird-shaped cutouts that line each X and O. 

4. "Untitled" (Edward R. Murrow Park at Penn and 18th Street NW)


Two bronze crows that were part of a larger flock called "Murder" that appeared at Burning Man in 2016. 

I am looking forward to visiting the museum with friends next week and seeing the art that is indoors and also seeing the two remaining outdoor sculptures, "Golden Spike" (Conn Av median at Conn Av and K Street W) and "Maya's Mind" (17th Street NW between H and I Streets).