Wednesday, March 06, 2013

More Nordic Cool: Dance

 We arrive at the Kennedy Center. Here is Arthur at the entrance to the Hall of States. Note that he is wearing his great-grandfather's Greek cap.

We began the evening with dinner in the KC Cafe. We then attended a spectacular performance by Carte Blanche in the Terrace Theater. We were mesmerized for 70 minutes! Carte Blanche is the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. The choreographer was Sharon Eyal who, according to the program, "is always toying with the erotic, androgynous, and sometimes the grotesque emotions in her choreographics. Her art is variously described as fabulous, beautiful, raw, and relevant." 

We saw "Corps de Walk." To see a short video of Carte Blance, click here: 

Eyal writes, "In recent works I have used a system of walks. For me walks are the new dance. Walks with a combination of sketched technique create a kind of hi-tech building in which I see beating hearts of gold, emotional forms."

We had some time to look at some of the exhibits again.

 The beautiful glass birds in the Grand Foyer created by the Finnish artist.

 Close-up of one of the birds

          Art work at the entrance to the fashion exhibit

In the room with the four Nordic one-room houses, there were exhibits along the walls. Here are photos of some of the shadow boxes.

"The Nordic Neighborhoods: The Population of Each Nordic Country"
Sweden, the most populous, has the tallest skyscraper.

Seamstress at work

The Classroom by Author Erlend Loe

Inside the Norwegian House

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