Monday, May 08, 2017

Visiting Anne in Michigan

 I flew out to Ann Arbor to spend a few days with Shlee, my Wells College roommate. I had a fabulous time! She was a very caring, thoughtful, and energetic host!!

Anne in a rare tranquil moment!

 A view of Anne's backyard

Ann Arbor
God's Doors are Open to All

 Sign in front of a church

Modern art on the University of Michigan campus

 Entrance to a wing of the U of M Art Museum (above)
Photos of Museum Works of Art (below)

                                                             Ganesh, the Elephant Deity

                                                    Anti-Violence - Destroy All Weapons

 House in historic German part of Ann Arbor

Love the colors of these houses! 

The Gerald Ford Presidential Library

 Adriano's friend Oscar surprised me one  day and showed up unexpected on our doorstep. Turnabout's fair play. Anne and I surprised his wife and sons in the same way! Great Fun! We were very well received! 
 Anne, Judy, and the Wu Twins

Their backyard lake

Oscar came to visit us at Anne's house the following evening. Happy Birthday, Oscar!


Anne very kindly agreed to take me to Holland so that I could see where Frederik Walters, my great-grandfather, settled when he emigrated to the US in 1860. He was German but, for some unknown reason, opted to settle among the Dutch!

A monument to all of Holland's veterans - Frederik was a veteran of the Civil War

 The Dutch pastor who founded Holland
He and his followers were searching for religious freedom.

                                    Anne and Chris in the main park in the center of Holland

Tulips, of course, everywhere!

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