Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Museum at American University

My friend Nancy and I met at American University's Museum to see an extraordinary exhibit by Sandra Ramos, a Cuban-American artist.

The exhibit is called "Bridging the Past, Present, and Future: Recent Works by Sandra Ramos." The brochure says that "this artist reflects on the conflicting experiences of living in her beloved homeland with all of its many challenges. Her work often takes a narrative form in which she depicts herself as a child-like explorer or modern day Alice in Wonderland."

 Nancy in front of the museum

For more information about this exhibit, go to

After viewing the exhibit, we went to Le Pain Quotidian (49th and Mass Av NW) for lunch. What an interesting repast! We first ordered a basket of selected breads (slices of baguette, whole white, raisin bread, and walnut bread) which came with four 'toppings' - Blondie White Chocolate Spread, Chocolate Spread, Four Red Fruits Jam, and Apricot Jam. 

My organic brown rice pudding with organic banana compote

Nancy with her soup and quinoa tabouli salad

Our basket of selected breads and the toppings

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