Saturday, October 11, 2014

Practicing Safe Science

Colin and I went to the Kennedy Center this afternoon to see a wonderful show, "Live Wire," presented by Doktor Kaboom. His mission in life is to convince children that science can be fun but they should always be careful when doing experiments. His presentation was electric and we loved it!

We arrived at the Kennedy Center early and so had time to roam around one of my two very favorite buildings in Washington. (My other very favorite building is the Library of Congress.)

We, of course, had to see the J.F. Kennedy bust in the Main Foyer. It was hard to get both JFK and Colin in the same photo.


 JFK and Colin with a view of the Kennedy Center Terrace and the Potomac in the background

Colin and Mima on the Upper Terrace with Roslyn in the background

Colin and Mima Enjoying Themselves

Colin and Doktor Kaboom at the entrance to the Family Theater

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