Thursday, June 05, 2014

Sue and Bob in Town

Two WHS friends were in town and we spent several delightful hours together on the National Mall.

We met at the National Gallery of Art and enjoyed the wonderful Degas-Cassett exhibit. We then had lunch in the Cascade Cafe of the museum. Then we walked across the Mall.

                   Sue and Bob standing in front of the artwork between the East and West Buildings of the NGA

                                    Sue looking through the glass pyramid into the museum below.

   Sue and Bob standing with the US Capitol behind them

We wondered what this new structure was in front of the Air and Space Museum. I am still wondering!

After I left my friends, I decided to dash into the Hirshhorn to see if there was anything interesting there.

                                                                    The Hirshhorn

       A view of part of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

I took a few photos of the Smithsonian Castle.

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