Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Birthday Day 2014

  The day of my birthday was very nice.

Andrea took me to lunch at Floriana's, a restaurant in the Dupont Circle area. I had been wanting to go there and this seemed to be the perfect occasion. 

Unfortunately, the Saturday lunch menu was brunch so it wasn't exactly what I had expected or hoped for. It was an interesting brunch menu but I would like to return for a "real" lunch or dinner in the near future.

                     My grilled cheese sandwich

                                                    Andrea's prosciutto and melone 

This restaurant is happily situated in a row house and therefore intimate and romantic. The service was very good.

After lunch, Andrea walked me over to Theater J where I met my friend Mary. My sister had bought tickets for us to go to see "Freud's Last Session." She had to change her plans at the last minute so I invited Mary to join me.

 The play was excellent. It was a dialogue between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. They had a surprisingly pleasant and productive conversation.

Chris and Andrea in front of the Jewish Community Center that houses Theater J

                                         Mary and Chris inside the Jewish Community Center

What is a birthday without birthday cake? The following day Andrea and I went to the Swiss Bakery in Annandale and bought a piece of white chocolate mousse cake. It was my birthday cake! And was it delicious!

For more birthday news, go to July 6th.

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