Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My friend Barbara wanted to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Phillips Collection so we went together. I had seen this wonderful exhibit twice already so I went through it again quickly and spent the rest of my time exploring other areas of the museum.

I first visited John F. Simon's "Intersections: Points, Lines, and Colors in Succession"

Simon chose "Succession," a 1935 painting by Wassily Kandinsky, and then created four new paintings to intersect with the "old" tradition. I have posted below two of the four paintings.

 "Moment of Release"


Then I went to visit the Laib Wax Room, created by the German artist Wolfgang Laib (b. 1950). Laib says that to enter a wax room is to be "in another world, maybe on another planet, and in another body." 

"The Laib Wax Room"
For this room at the Phillips, Laib melted approximately 440 pounds of fragrant beeswax. He then hung a single bare light bulb to illuminate it. Visitors react in different ways. Some step inside, breathe in the fragrance and then exit. Others, however, go in, sit down, and stay for a while to meditate. I stayed only a few minutes but I was intrigued!

After visiting the museum, Barbara and I had lunch in the Cafe. It was like being in the midst of a Mondrian painting!

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