Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Renaissance Ireland

My friend George and I went to the Folger Shakespeare Library on Capitol Hill to visit the "Nobility and Newcomers in Renaissance Ireland" exhibit.

We learned about Ireland in the time of Shakespeare. Did you know that 1541 was a very crucial year in the history of Ireland? It was the year in which King Henry VIII decided to unite the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Ireland under one crown, his. The kingdoms were supposed to be equal with the nobles running the show in their own countries but it turned out otherwise. It was the beginning of the end for Ireland when the English began buying titles to become Irish nobles and committing other ignominious acts.

My great-grandparents, Thomas McGary and Sarah McDurmitt, fled from their homeland during the infamous Potato Famine. One wonders how Ireland would have fared without the outside interference.

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