Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wonderful April Night at Nationals Park

Andrea and I spent a wonderful evening watching the Nats defeat the Reds, 8 to 1. Although it was a very cool evening, we kept warm as there were numerous occasions to jump up and down to cheer for the winning team.

When we first entered the stadium, I looked for the newest president, William Howard Taft, affectionately known as Bill. I snagged him for a photo and, just as a kind woman was about to snap the photo, George Washington rushed into the picture! I think George was jealous because my loyalty should be to GW, not to Taft!

 Andrea, Bill, Chris, and George

Andrea, Teddy Roosevelt, and Chris

In the Presidents' Race, Bill was ahead for most of the race but George beat him in the end.

Here is the score so far this season: 
George has won 7 times, Thomas Jefferson 7, Lincoln 0, 
Teddy 0, and Bill 0.

This is not a great photo but you can get a glimpse of the race.
The five presidents are those little white spots on the warning track heading to the left.

 Andrea had dinner at the stadium, two hot dogs and a beer. So American!

The ball park - See the Capitol? No? Then look at the photo below.

In the shadow of the Capitol

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