Friday, April 25, 2014

Ginny's DCDC Tour

What a special tour it was! Our friend Ginny is a docent at the Kreeger and she gave us an incredibly interesting and exciting personal tour of the museum. We learned so much about the Kreegers and their fantastic collection. Personally, my most lasting impression will always be of the Monet Room.

In front of the museum: Jodi, Mary, Ginny, Synthia, Christine

                      Across from the entrance to the museum: Christine, Synthia, Ginny, Mary, Jodi

After the fantastic tour of the museum, we went to lunch at Chef Geoff's. 

                                     Ginny enjoying a video of Synthia's adorable grandchild

                                             Jodi basking in the delightful spring air

                                Mary feeling relaxed with good friends on a wonderful day

                                               Synthia sharing great stories about little Maja

Christine's lunch: a grilled artichoke

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