Thursday, April 03, 2014


Jodi, Mary, and I went to see the Judy Chicago exhibit at the National Museum for Women in the Arts, which is in  honor of her 75th birthday.

We found her works fascinating and her life even more so. She was born Judith Cohen but she later "divested herself" of her surname, which was the result of a male-dominated naming convention. In the 1970s she coined the term "feminist art" and was one of the pioneering feminist artists.

Mary and Jodi at the introduction to the exhibit

         Test plate (above) and explanation (below)

Her "Dinner Party" is considered her masterpiece and it can be found in the Brooklyn Museum.

                                                            Pasadena Lifesavers Red #5

After viewing the Chicago exhibit and visiting other exhibits, we had lunch in the Mezzanine Cafe of the museum.

 Jodi (above) and her lunch (below)


                Christine (above) and her lunch (below)

                                          Salad with arugula, apples, goat cheese, and walnuts

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