Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Invitation to a screening

As a loyal WETA supporter, I was invited to a special screening of the first episode of Downton Abbey, Season 4. I invited my friend Carol to be my guest.

We met at the WETA headquarters in Shirlington. Here we are in the lobby of the building.

We then were taken upstairs and offered tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, scones, and Christmas cookies. We could then have our photos taken in front of Downton Abbey.

We were given several items - a bumper sticker, a Gwen-Judy pin, and a WETA tote.


We enjoyed the episode very much and are eagerly awaiting all of Season Four! It was a very nice experience. Thanks, WETA and PBS!

I could not live without PBS. I am very grateful for its excellent programming - so many wonderful programs. It lifts my spirits! (Did you all see the Irish boys' Christmas special? Heavenly!)

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