Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Birthday Dinner

George helped Dal and me celebrate our birthdays by taking us to 701 Penn for a wonderful dinner. Andrea, of course, was invited, too!

On the way to the restaurant we drove by the Washington Monument because we wanted to see the decorative scaffolding. Here is a view of it.

 Here we are in the restaurant.

George, Christine, Dal, and Andrea

I wasn't planning to have any dessert (although it was my birthday) but I relented when I saw olive oil ice cream on the menu. It didn't sound very good but I wanted to try it. It actually turned out to be very delicious - smooth and creamy with only a delicate hint of olive oil. Strawberries and pieces of toasted meringue were added to the ice cream.

After we left the restaurant, we discovered that there was a concert in the piazza in front of the Navy Memorial so we stopped to listen for a while.

Navy Concert

When we drove by the Washington Monument on the way home, it was lit up. There are 488 lights. It was a very beautiful sight!

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