Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outing with Colin

Colin and I spent a wonderful day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

We first visited the Insect Zoo.

One of the museum's insect scientists came with his cart of insects and Colin was happy to hold one of the caterpillars in his hand. He just loves bugs!!

We then walked around, observing the insects in the display areas. We saw this orange-kneed tarantula. Colin was not allowed to hold it! It was safely kept under glass!!

We then had a delightful time in the Butterfly Pavilion. Colin was an expert as he had gone there on a field trip with his class just a short time ago.

        Butterflies of the Week: A Very Happy Colin

The butterfly guide noticed Colin's shirt and asked him if he was in college already. I replied that he was a very precocious boy. 

The Pavilion was a paradise for the butterflies - in the midst of the beautiful flowers and plants.

We had to be very careful, however, not to step on the butterflies. Many were calmly sitting on the floor. And sometimes they just as calmly sat on people's heads! We were thoroughly checked before exiting because we were told that the butterflies would want to leave with us. Why, I don't know. They had a nice life in the Pavillion.

We had lunch in the museum's cafeteria. Colin had a naked dog and I had a garden burger. We were both satisfied with our choices.

We then we took the Metro home and Nonno met us at the station.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this delightful grandson. And he was a very happy camper. He did not like riding the Metro under the Potomac River, however. It made his ears pop, he said.

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