Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Nordic Cool

I returned to the Kennedy Center today to enjoy more Nordic Cool! I first went to the lower level to see what the Nordic Boutique had to offer. I discovered many treasures including jams (lingonberry and gooseberry), Dala horses, a vast collection of CDs, jewelry and beautiful books. Then I went up to the Terrace Level to see the fashion exhibit. The mannequins were standing in a snowy birch woods. I love birches!

Then I moved on to the exhibit of four typical Nordic houses.




Then I moved into the Lego area. There were playstations for children and interesting murals made of Legos on the walls. 

Then it was time for me to meet my friends in the KC Cafe where Nordic cuisine was the order of the day. I chose Norwegian yellow-pea soup and Swedish pancakes with blueberry jam. Delicious!

And here is our table of happy people. The discussion centered on Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler" that we were going to see in the Eisenhower Theater after dinner.

 We found the play most intriguing. It was a modern version of Ibsen's play. Much food for thought and discussion.

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