Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

Easter was extra special this year because we were not only celebrating Easter but also Andrea's birthday. His birthday on Easter was special in itself but even more so because he was born on Easter, too!

Here is a photo of the handsome birthday boy in front of our church, St. Christopher's. Yes, he does look like a bishop, doesn't he?!

After church, we headed for Bowie. We had received an invitation to celebrate with dear friends whom we really consider family. Our hosts were Leo and Michelle, Nico and Gia, and, of course, the Matriarch Dona. We had a happy time - lots of delicious food and lots of conversation. I especially enjoyed hanging out with my buddy Nico, aka Superman. Andrea is, of course, partial to children who can't walk yet because they can't escape from him.

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Justine said...

Happy birthday to Nonno! What great fun you have all the time. I enjoy your posts, especially the ones with pictures!