Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carol's Birthday Lunch

 Our annual birthday lunch was a bit late this time. Carol's birthday is in November and we celebrated in April but Better Late Than Never, we always say!

For our celebration Carol opted for an exhibit of book plates in the library of the National Gallery of Art. It was very interesting and I was introduced to a new place in town! It is, by the way, on the ground floor of the East Building. The librarian told us that they are trying to encourage more people to visit the library but I personally think the sign on their door is intimidating. It says, "Access Only to Authorized Personnel." After viewing the exhibit, we had lunch in the Cascade Cafe.

We then made a quick tour of the Picasso Drawings before Carol had to hit the road. After sending her off, I ducked back into the building to view the lovely exhibit of Japanese paintings. It was not easy to see them as people were lined up three or four deep in front of each painted scroll.

When I left the museum, I walked across the Mall to the Smithsonian Metro station, passing the Hirshhorn and its Sculpture Garden. It was a gorgeous sunny day with the temperature in the 70s. Ah, life in the nation's capital. I love it!

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