Friday, May 06, 2011

The Annual Flower Mart at the National Cathedral

This year the country in the spotlight was Austria. Andrea and I, therefore, met Gertraud, our Austrian friend, there. Here she is in front of Austria's flower arrangement inside the Cathedral.

We walked around the Cathedral looking at the other beautiful flower arrangements.

The US arrangement was placed on the tomb of Woodrow Wilson, the only U.S. president buried in the Cathedral. He was a Presbyterian but he and his grandson used to visit the Cathedral often while the construction of it was under way. And his wife Edith was an Episcopalian.

The Netherlands flower arrangement made me immediately think of Van Gogh. Wonder why?!

The arrangement of Sri Lanka

     It was a marvelous warm and sunny day. We walked around, looking at the wares offered at the various stands. Our favorite places were Andrea d'Ambrosio's stand with the marvelous earrings and the Herb Lady with the delightful scents.

My Mother's Day gift from Andrea - two pairs of lovely earrings!

We opted for the lavender-jasmine-lemon peel-rosebuds mix (above) and the apple cinnamon mix.

We had a delicious lunch in the Viennese Coffee House. We had an ideal spot near the window.

Potato and cucumber salad, red cabbage, and Austrian cheese.

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