Sunday, November 11, 2007

What is a pupuseria?

A pupuseria is a place you can go to eat pupusas. What is a pupusa? A pupusa is the favorite food of Salvadorans. It is a stuffed corn tortilla. Since there are 500,000 Salvadorans living in the Washington, DC, there are quite a few pupuserias.

The Washington Post recommends the following four pupuserias: La Casita Pupuseria and Market (Silver Spring), Pupuseria El Buen Gusto (Fairfax City), Dona Azucena (Silver Spring & Arlington) , and My Family's Cafe Pupuseria (Arlington).

Tuesday, November 13, is El Salvador's Dia Nacional de la Pupusa (National Pupusa Day).

I visited El Salvador a few years ago and I absolutely loved the cheese pupusas. I still dream about them.

If you are interested, read the article I wrote about my trip to El Salvador, "A Taste of Culture: Five Days in El Salvador."

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