Wednesday, March 01, 2017

A Fantastic Visit to Richmond

Marie, Barbara M, and I drove down to Richmond to see the marvelous Munch-Jaspers exhibit at the Virginia Museum. What made the trip truly special for me was seeing my old friend Ron again and meeting for the first time his special friend Susan and the Norwegian American film writer and producer Kirk Kjeldsen.

We all met at the museum. Here are some of the works that highlighted the influence Munch exerted on Jaspers. 



Munch and Jaspers Side by Side

                              Munch                                                       Jaspers

Munch's Bed with Bedspread

We had a wonderfully stimulating conversation after the visit to the museum while we enjoyed our lunch in the museum cafeteria. It was a magical time with everyone there just clicking. Incredible harmony!

Kirk, Ron, Susan, Marie, and Barbara (photo by Christine)

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