Monday, September 05, 2016


I went to the National Building Museum with my friends Marie, Barbara, Linda, and May to see the Icebergs exhibit.

On the first floor of the museum we were in the ocean and saw the icebergs, both the parts under sea level and above sea level.

We then climbed a staircase, looked down, and saw the icebergs on top (just the tips of the icebergs).

Then we had the real adventure! We ate, or tried to eat, Kakigori, traditional Japanese Shaved Ice. See the diagram below to see what the ingredients were. We basically paid $5.50 for shaved ice. We were not overly enthusiastic about this experience!

Godzilla offered us Small or Large. We were glad we chose Small!

We really did it for Marie who tries to do everything Japanese for her son who is in Japan!

This is a view from the second floor.

After viewing the exhibit, we went to the Chinatown Garden for a delicious lunch.

Although the exhibit was rather disappointing, the company was wonderful and everyone agreed that the outing was a success!

I am very sorry I did not get photos of May and Barbara. Sorry!

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