Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Wonder Exhibit

George, Marie, Barbara, and I met at the Renwick Gallery (across the street from the White House) to view the latest exhibit, "Wonder." Nine contemporary artists were given a gallery each to create an installation. They used unexpected materials in their art work.

Patrick Dougherty - He used willow osiers and saplings to create enormous pods that could offer sanctuary to museum visitors.


 George and Christine

Tara Donovan - She glued thousands of index cards together to create ten towers. This was my favorite installation. Was it because I am an academic and am always surrounded by index cards? I do have a passion for these cards!


Gabriel Dawe - He developed dazzling waves of colored light using threads that went from floor to ceiling. We all had the urge to run through the light as it gave the impression that it was indeed light and not something solid.

 Christine with rainbow scarf

 Marie taking a photo of the waves of light
The Greek Slave - This replica of the Greek Slave was created by 3D printing.

 George admiring the 3D creation

Insects and Skulls - The beautiful pink color painted on the walls of this gallery was created by crushing tiny, gnat-size insects.

John Grade - The artist made a plaster cast of a 160-year-old hemlock that he had found in the Cascade Mountains and invited volunteers to recreate this tree by using recycled cedar strips.

 George studying the recreated tree

 Marie (with back to tree) and Barbara (back of head)

George had to go home but Marie, Barbara, and I went across the street and down a few feet to the DCGC (DC Grilled Cheese) for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

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