Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Dream Come True

I have always been very envious of the children who are given the opportunity to run around the bases after Sunday games at Nats Park. Why not seniors, too? Well, seniors *were* offered this opportunity and I took advantage of it, of course. One of the rules,however, was: No running!

My friends Barbara and Joel and I went to Nats Park yesterday. We saw a great game in which the Nats beat the DBacks 8-3 and then we strolled the bases. What a thrill to stand on the bases! (I had no idea that they were so hard!) The Presidents were on the infield and greeted us warmly - except for Calvin Coolidge. He was rather quiet. No surprise there!

Below you can see some photos from this very special occasion.

                               Barbara and Joel

 Chris and Barbara

        The Stroll began immediately after the game

                        Chris on the Field 

George Washington is on First and Teddy is bouncing around all over the place

                                     Chris on Second Base with Calvin Coolidge behind her

 Chris on Home Plate with Abe Cheering for her

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