Monday, March 10, 2014

Ron's Richmond: Part 1

Andrea, George, and I spent two glorious days in Richmond.

We began with lunch at Andrea's very favorite restaurant in the United States, Edo's Squid.

 Andrea and George and a platter of calamari

 Christine relaxes

 Antipasto: Crostini with white beans and argula

 Christine with Lentil Soup

A hearty dish of penne alla matriciana

         A hearty platter of spaghetti alla carbonara

George and Christine enter a rather bizarre mural across the street from Edo's Squid

Ron joined us for a wonderful dinner at Mamma Zu's. 

He then took us on a tour of the magnificent Jefferson Hotel.

Statue of Thomas Jefferson

 Splendid ceiling over Jefferson statue

Main lobby of the Jefferson Hotel

Ron and George at top of staircase

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