Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crossing Off Number 2 on my Bucket List

Visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown was #2 on my Bucket List. I have now crossed it off!!

My sister engineered the whole thing! I took the train to Philly where she met me and drove the five hours to Cooperstown. What a thrill!

We got right into the spirit of the town immediately upon checking in at our hotel. This flag made of baseball bats was proudly displayed on a lobby wall. The next morning we headed for the Hall of Fame and were there the minute it opened. We certainly didn't want to waste any time!

Kate and Chris in front of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

What a thrill! I will narrow down the highlights of the Hall to a few.

 The Great Babe Ruth

 The Number 42 shirt of the great Jackie Robinson

 My very favorite Yankee Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto

My current very favorite Yankee (tied with Andy Pettitte)

 The Great Mickey Mantle's locker with his Number 7 shirt

Another Great Yankee, Mariano Rivera (also Number 42)

One of Phil Rizzuto's gloves

One of Phil Rizzuto's batting helmets

A Photo of Phil

Pointing to Phil's plaque in the Hall of Fame

Close-up of Phil's plaque

The 1950 World Champion Yankees

 Caps of Joe Torre (left) and Andy Pettitte (right)

 Derek Jeter's Shirt

C.C. Sabathia's Size 15 shoes

We also did some exploring in Cooperstown. 

We visited the Fenimore Museum. 

 Museum Entrance

 Lightning Bolt


 Horse mask

 Kate with marigolds

We visited the Fly Creek Cider Mill. You should taste their fudge! Out of this world!

We had a delicious picnic lunch with Cayuga Lake white wine, local apples, cheese, crackers, and chocolates. And genuine apple cider. Delightful!

Thanks to everyone for a great time!!!!

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