Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finnish Christmas Bazaar

Andrea and I continued our Christmas bazaar hopping. Today the Finnish bazaar was our destination. Again the focus was FOOD! There was a very large cafe where one could buy the materials for a tasty lunch. We again ran into Nicole, a fellow bazaar-hopper.

My lunch consisted of a Karelian pastry or pie with egg and butter spread (top right on plate), a Christmas tart (with prune jam), and four ginger snaps.

The Karelian pastry/pasty was delicious. The Chef Gourmet describes it thus:

North Karelia is the birthplace of Karelian pastries. Although they are eaten throughout Finland, the Joensuu version, spread with real butter, is the genuine article. The thin rye crust is filled with rice and shaped 'like a moccasin,' as a visiting tourist once described them.
Use fine rye flour that is finer in texture and lighter in color than regular rye flour. If unavailable, use half regular rye flour and half wheat flour.
Warm pasties are traditionally served with egg and butter spread. Pasties may also be eaten topped with plain butter, cheese, slices of ham or roast reindeer, gravlax, shrimp or whatever you happen to like! Pasties can be reheated in an oven or toaster.

This bazaar offered a wide variety of items. Andrea bought me a lovely Christmas present, a necklace and matching earrings. (I will post photos of them soon.)

There was also music.

And books.

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