Friday, September 14, 2012

Tormod Visits Washington

Tormod arrives at Dulles

Tormod, my cousin from Oslo, spent three days in DC. We kept him very busy!

He visited my Norwegian class and was a big hit. We put him on center stage!

Tormod, Chuck, Ellen, Greta, and George

Andres, Nicole, and Carolyn

Carolyn and Christine

We spent a day in Annapolis. We first drove through the colonial capital of Maryland, showing Tormod St. Anne's Church, the State House, and the beautiful tree-lined streets with their lovely houses. We then stopped to walk around the Naval Academy.

 Excellent timing! We arrived in time to see the plebes and 2nd-year midshipmen get into formation in order to enter the dining hall. It is a daily ritual.


We then had a delicious lunch at Carrol's Creek Cafe. We ate outside,  overlooking the Bay. We had a lovely view of the boats.

After lunch Tormod and I boarded the Pride of Baltimore II, a schooner from the War of 1812, that was anchored in Annapolis for a few days. It was on an educational tour up and down the East Coast.

We stopped for ice cream at Straw Brothers.

Last stop: The Kunta Kinte Memorial. Alex Haley's ancestors docked here upon their arrival in America.

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