Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday in Baltimore


I attended the NECTFL conference in Baltimore but I did take a break for lunch. Andrea and I went to Little Italy. We should have known better. Decent Italian food is very difficult to find in most cities. We chose Ciao Bella. I ordered bruschetta and it was OK. Then I ordered Tuscan Minestrone and it was - well - bad. It was like a bowl of thick, sweet tomato paste and sauce combined. It was inedible. We are very glad that we live in DC where there are several excellent Italian restaurants.

According to this notice, Ciao Bella is the most romantic restaurant in Baltimore. I would prefer good food to romantic atmosphere!

After lunch, I desperately needed something sweet so we went to Vaccaro's. I wanted a Neapolitan sfogliatella. There were none. Andrea wanted an espresso. He couldn't have one standing up. You had to be seated. I don't think I have ever seen him drink an espresso sitting down. So - no sales at Vaccaro's!

 The best part of the lunch break was standing on Via Nancy Pelosi! She is one of my heroines!

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