Saturday, December 18, 2010

Afternoon Tea in Peacock Alley at the Willard

The Venerable Willard Hotel
(President Ulysses S. Grant held meetings in the lobby of this hotel with people seeking favors and thus the new verb "to lobby" entered the English lexicon.)

The Lobby of the Willard decked out for the holidays

The DCDC Group: Jodi, Synthia, Christine
Jodi and Synthia are enjoying a cup of Ginger Twist
Christine opted for the Willard Blend

Afternoon Tea began with fruit in a chocolate sleigh
(Secret: We all greedily ate the sleighs when we finished the fruit!)

A delightful array of delectable sandwiches, tasty scones, and scrumptious mini-desserts

Having afternoon tea was an exquisite experience! Our sitting began at 2. We sipped, we nibbled, we talked. Then Synthia at a certain point looked at her watch. "My goodness," she exclaimed. "It's 4:30!" As they say, "Time flies when you are having fun!"

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